1. Hard Techno For Prepared Turntables

  2. Live at 10 Years of Algorave, Corsica Studios
    Heavy Lifting vs Graham Dunning

  3. Junkpolitik
    Robin Foster

  4. hurlothrumbo
    Heavy Lifting vs Graham Dunning

  5. Split
    Cath Roberts / Suren Seneviratne

  6. Banjo With The Sound Of Its Own Making
    Jacken Elswyth

  7. Suikinkutsu 水琴窟
    Stuart Chalmers

  8. in the afternoon
    human heads

  9. off the cliff edge

  10. Play It Today
    Graham Dunning

  11. Örö Tape (Fieldtrips of the Damned)
    Amy Cutler

  12. SKEEN
    Mariam Rezaei

  13. Cobblestones & Kitchari
    Paul Nataraj

  14. Sugimoto Seascapes
    Cut A Lonely Figure

  15. The Stochastic Method
    Various Artists

  16. Mesophases
    Graham Dunning

  17. Bootlegs
    Jonathan Higgins

  18. Split Shapes & Divisive Models
    Void Hands

  19. 1947
    Graham Dunning

  20. Coatic Plates
    Coatic Sequence

  21. BLUD
    Mariam Rezaei

  22. We Love You Come On Home / A Capella
    Dane Law / Beachers

  23. Purge
    Left Hand Cuts Off The Right

  24. Awkward Objects
    Tom White & Stuart Chalmers

  25. Taut
    Ingrid Plum

  26. Duos
    Aonghus McEvoy & Tristan Clutterbuck


  28. A Regular Pattern A Regular Pattern
    Copper Sounds

  29. A Disc of Rippling Mercury
    Far Rainbow

  30. threehundredandsixtysix
    Steph Horak

  31. vs Tape Loops
    Colin Webster

  32. Most of What Follows is True, remixes
    Various Artists / Colin Webster & Graham Dunning

  33. Stackes

  34. Stuck Trax
    Graham Dunning

  35. Benefit Claimant
    Kate Armitage

  36. Monochrome
    Graham Dunning

  37. Acid Smut
    Ewa Justka

  38. Burning Circuits

  39. This Is Fine
    Belisha Beacon

  40. Southend Objectified

  41. Callosity
    Marlo Eggplant

  42. Midi-Drum Compositions-1

  43. Summoning Ghosts of Industries Past
    Mary Stark

  44. You Are A New Creature
    Graham Dunning & Tom White

  45. Selected Live Recordings 2013-2016
    Tom Richards

  46. Appendage & Bond
    Rosanne Robertson

  47. Rat's Nest
    Left Hand Cuts Off The Right & Graham Dunning

  48. Whirlwind, Immobile
    Bobby Barry & Graham Dunning

  49. At Home With Spanish
    Graham Dunning

  50. Whispers of the Dead
    Graham Dunning

  51. Ghost in the Machine Music
    Various Artists

  52. Noise Club Vol.4
    Graham Dunning

  53. Kiosk Two
    Graham Dunning

  54. Cat's Eyes
    Graham Dunning

  55. Rewound
    Various Artists

  56. Wound
    Graham Dunning

  57. Kiosk One
    Graham Dunning

  58. Linguaphone
    Graham Dunning

  59. Winning In Negotiations
    Graham Dunning

  60. White Donkey
    Graham Dunning

  61. The Marketing Tapes
    Graham Dunning

  62. Fractal Meat Cuts Volume One
    Various Artists


Fractal Meat Cuts London, UK

Processes & experiments in sound & music.
Label & radio show run by Graham Dunning

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